Aromatherapy And You

Aromatherapy And You

Aromatherapy is the ancient practice of using various kinds of scents, most commonly from herbs and fruits, to either calm or stimulate the brain and senses. These scents can be enjoyed in a variety of ways such as spritzers, incense, candles, diffusers, and more.  


The usage of essential oils from these natural sources has been practiced across the centuries by the Indians, Chinese, Egyptians, and Romans. Over those years, particular oils came to be known for their specific benefits. 


Must Have Essential Oils:


  • Promotes a feeling of calmness and can ease nervousness. 
  • Can aid in sleep.



  • Can reduce nasal congestion and alleviate brain fog.


Lemon/Lemon Grass

  • Citrus and citrus-like oils have very bright and sweet aromas. They can easily lift your mood if you’re feeling hazy or glum. 



  • A perfect autumn or winter oil with a woody, but also spicy aroma. Great for any cozy setting. 



  • A great blend of both woodsy and lightly sweet, sage is a very universal oil that can be used for almost any setting and pairs well with other oils. 


Use With Care:

Please research any oil beforehand and how to properly use them. Because essential oils are highly concentrated, some people may be susceptible to having allergic reactions. It is also recommended to not use most essential oils around animals, as they are naturally very sensitive to many herbs and citrus fruits in particular. Essential oils are not for consumption.