Traditional probiotic strains don't always survive, let alone thrive within the competitive microbial environment that is our digestive system. This is because most probiotics on the market come from the soil or from other animals, therefore their make-up isn't really "for" us. Discovered and cultivated by our partners, Synbiotic Health, the strains within Ele Chocolates, (Bifidobacterium adolescentis) iVS-1 and (Bifidobacterium longum) iVE-15, are naturally occurring friendly bacteria in the human gut and are tough enough to prevail in areas that other probiotics can't. 

Taking a daily dosage of Ele Chocolate's can help ensure that your gut has optimal amounts of healthy bacteria that can lead to an overall balance of health not only in your digestive track. When your core is in healthy shape, the rest of your overall well-being can follow.


  • In humans, iVS-1®
    is demonstrated to:
  • Support intestinal barrier function, which impacts the body’s immune function and metabolic health
  • Establish in the gut at levels ten times higher than a leading commercial probiotic strain
  • Increase total gut bifidobacteria levels, unlike many other available bifidobacteria probiotics.
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  • When delivered as a synbiotic with the prebiotic XOS, iVE-15® is demonstrated to establish in 18 out of 20 fecal microbiome samples tested.
  • iVE-15® is effective when used at concentrations as low as 2 billion CFU per dose, making it a cost effective alternative to other probiotics on the market.
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The Highest Standards

Synbiotic Health uses proprietary in-vivo selection or in-vitro enrichment platforms to identify and characterize ecologically-fit and host-adapted “native” strains.

Synbiotic Health’s ecologically-advanced probiotic strains — alone or combined with specific partner prebiotics — are rigorously tested to show they are able to out-compete other strains in the gut environment.

Our ingredients, either as stand-alone advanced probiotic strains, or in combination with a selected prebiotic, must show they positively modulate the gut microbiome. Pairing an ecologically-advanced probiotic with a target partner prebiotic should give a synergistic result.

To support rapid go-to-market strategies, Synbiotic Health’s ingredients are supported by robust safety data, comply with relevant government regulations, and are backed by stability data to support use in appropriate product formats.

Synbiotic Health’s ecologically-advanced ingredients will be supported by randomized, placebo-controlled clinical studies confirming health benefits.

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iVS-1 and iVE-15

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