How do probiotics work?

Probiotics are live, friendly bacteria, or yeasts, that are good for your digestive system. They can help keep your gut and body healthy in several ways. A main factor is that they create lots of competition in your intestinal ecosystem against unfriendly bacteria or pathogens. A few such ways are by taking up space in your intestinal lining so bad bacteria can't find a place to attach as well as adding competition for nutrients.


In addition, probiotics can directly fight the unfriendly bacteria by outright confronting them, as well as produce inhibitory compounds to deflect them away from being absorbed into your body.

How do prebiotics work?

Like all living things, probiotics can do their job better with a full belly with the right food. Prebiotics, simply put, are a probiotic's favorite, high-fiber food. The probiotic's used in Ele Chocolates love the prebiotic known as Inulin. The added inulin in every chocolate bite comes from US, organically grown and harvested Jerusalem artichokes.


What are the benefits of adding probiotics to your diet?

Studies have shown that adding additional probiotics to your diet can lead to a multitude of benefits not only for your gut health. When your core is balanced, the rest can follow suit. Because these helpful bacteria are keeping what gets absorbed into your body in check, they can help alleviate symptoms of allergies, give your immune system a boost to decrease inflammation, and lower your blood pressure. Please speak with your health care physician if adding extra probiotics to your diet is right for you.




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