Where does our prebiotic come from?

All living things need good food to survive and thrive, and probiotics are no exception. Probiotics do their jobs better with a full belly of their favorite high-fiber food, or prebiotic. The iVS-1® and iVE-15® probiotic strains in Ele Chocolate loves the prebiotic, inulin, that is found in abundance in Jerusalem artichokes, grown and processed organically in the US. Despite the name, Jerusalem artichokes aren't actually artichokes. They are a tuber of the sunflower plant that resembles turmeric root. The Jerusalem Artichokes we derive our inulin from are harvested and prepared by the Idaho based company, Intrinsic Organics.

To extract the inulin, the tubers are harvested and then given a thorough bath.

Once clean they are then diced and treated through hot water to extract the fiber needed as the prebiotic.
The leftover juice concentration is strained of all solids and goes through a dehydration process that leaves us with the powder form to be added to our Probiotic Bite recipe!
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