Autumn Harvest Charcuterie Boards!

Autumn Harvest Charcuterie Boards!

Having trouble thinking of a fun table spread idea for small gatherings during the holiday seasons? Why not try an autumn themed charcuterie board!


Charcuterie boards are a fun and eye-catching addition to any feast for any occasion, and what’s not to like about all the choices? On top of that, it’s an extremely easy way to incorporate a plethora of health beneficial foods into one meal.


Here’s a few fun tips and tricks on how to put together a perfectly seasonal sampling.


The initial tip to keep in mind while you choose the bits and pieces for your board, is to play up the colors and textures associated with the autumn season. Seek out those wine reds and oranges, perhaps even deep greens, and purples that you’ll find in pickles and olive sides!


  1. Choose The Right Board


A charcuterie board isn’t much without the “board” to display things. Depending on how large your gathering is, large or small bases will work perfectly fine. Having a few smaller ones designated for just cheeses and meats and another for crackers and sides can add a fuller and more visually plentiful spin on things.


  1. Cheeses and Meats


We personally like letting your choice of cheeses be the main focuses on your board, as they also often take up the most space. A nice round block, like a buttery brie, placed in the center is nice starting point to build out of from. Remember that one of the most appealing things about charcuterie boards is the “texture” and how they appear bountiful and overflowing. Try cubing up some cheddar and gouda, while keeping others thinly sliced. Finding a block with a nice red rind will also help incorporate some of those warm autumn colors.  


When it comes to meats, it’s hard to go wrong anywhere, but the most popular and easy to find cured meats are prosciutto, genoa salami, and mortadellas.


Cheeses and cured meats are an excellent source of proteins and vitamin A, D, K, and zinc, although we recommend looking for low sodium selections if you can.


  1. Something Sweet


Mixing and matching is also what makes charcuterie boards a fun way to serve guests and most often enjoy pairing their savory samplings with something sweet! Play up those reds, oranges, and yellows with some sliced apple, dried fruits, or honey on the side.


  1. The Bits and Bobs


While your cheeses and meats are usually the focus of a charcuterie board, adding other protein and probiotic rich additions like nuts, pickles, and olives can offer even more variety in health, taste, and aesthetic to your spread. 


  1. Absolutely Cracker!


Lastly, you’ll need some kinds of crackers and chips for your guests to serve up all these combinations! Whole grain crackers are an excellent way of adding very beneficial fibers to your spread, but there are also options for guests who prefer gluten free options as well. Flax Seed crackers are usually easy to find in most grocery stores as well as cauliflower or even cheese-based crisps. If you can’t decide, then why not all!