New Discovery In iVS-1!

New Discovery In iVS-1!

After recent in vitro testing, Synbiotic Health has discovered that the B.adolescentis iVS-1 probiotic strain, one of the two in our Probiotic Bites, can produce Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and Folate (vitamin B9)! GABA is known as a neurotransmitter associated with stress reduction and better sleep performance, and folate is a B-vitamin that supports heart health and is incredibly important to expecting mothers as it also supports the healthy development of fetuses during pregnancy. Not only this, but in vitro, iVS-1 also produces a volume of folate three times the average by other analyzed strains and is far more bioavailable when compared to the folic acids found in most other dietary supplements on the market!

“These findings represent an important milestone for Synbiotic and our customers. Demonstrating that iVS-1 has the ability to produce both GABA and folate is an exciting development, since these metabolites are known to positively impact human health through multiple modes of action.”

  • Steve Prescott, Synbiotic Health’s chief commercial officer

“When taken together with the already known attributes of iVS-1, including its proliferation and persistence at high levels in the human gut, its ability to promote a bifidogenic response, and its capacity to promote healthy gut-barrier function all at low levels of supplementation (1 billion cfu/dose), iVS-1 becomes a strong addition to many probiotic products designed for a variety of health claims.”

  • Kevin Hooper, director of business development

We are beyond excited and proud of our collaborators in this amazing discovery! As we grow as a business, we are honored to be working with such brilliant minds in our valiant effort to bring a better supplement to the broader public!